Fingerprinting Services

Berrien RESA offers electronic fingerprinting services for Berrien County educational employees. Fingerprints may be scanned at Berrien RESA’s Administrative Center. For additional information on fingerprinting, please call (269) 471-7725.

Fingerprinting - Offered by Appointment ONLY
Fingerprinting Safety Procedure

  • Please call (269) 471.7725 to talk to the receptionist to schedule an appointment.
  • You are encouraged to use a debit or credit card as there is a nationwide shortage of coins and bills.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in.
  • Masks are mandatory for anyone entering the building – one will be provided, if you do not have one.
  • Once you enter the lobby, you will be required to sign in, take your temperature and record the temperature.
  • Please use sanitizer before and after checking in.
  • Please stay in the outer lobby until you are instructed to enter the fingerprinting area.
  • We will require that you practice social distancing while waiting to be printed.
  • To ensure proper sanitizing, we will wipe down the equipment between each patron and our employee taking the fingerprints will be wearing a mask and gloves.

The cost is $55 (effective July 1, 2019). Credit cards are encouraged.

Berrien RESA has everything in place to offer the Vulnerable or Impaired Person (VIP) Fingerprinting

In 2017, legislation was passed allowing a parent/legal guardian/power of attorney of an individual with special needs the right to have those individual’s fingerprints and photographs stored in a state of Michigan repository to assist in future identification. This is done by electronically collecting fingerprints using a system known as a Live Scan.  The Live Scan is a device that simply captures fingerprints by placing them on a lighted glass screen.  In addition, if the Live Scan system is capable of capturing a photograph then that also may be captured at that time.  The fingerprint and photograph (if captured) will be stored with additional demographic information, including the address of the individual with special needs along with the contact name, e-mail, and phone number for the person legally responsible.

If those individuals with special needs encounter law enforcement and they have fingerprints maintained at the state (enrolled), a live scan or mobile fingerprint scanner may be used to quickly identify those individuals who may have trouble identifying themselves. A quick identification not only helps eliminate possible misunderstandings, but it also enables law enforcement personnel to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of these individuals. This initiative, through the added contact fields, also allows law enforcement the ability to contact someone who understands the individual’s specific needs. The goal of this program is to return these individuals to a familiar, safe environment, while still maintaining their dignity.

To participate in this service there are a 2 steps to follow:
  1. You can take a completed form to the Berrien RESA at 711 St. Joseph Avenue Berrien Springs, MI  49103. There will be a fee of $55.00 for each individual printed.
  2. Ensure you get the form back from the Live Scan agency and send it to the Michigan State Police within 30 days.  Due to audit and security reasons, if the signed form is not submitted to MSP within this time period, the process for the removal of the fingerprints from the State Police repository of fingerprints will be initiated and fees will NOT be refunded.  If fingerprints are completely removed, you may still exercise your right to enroll them again but the process will need to re initiate from the beginning and the fees paid again.

The following are ways to send the form to MSP:

E-mail address: [email protected]
Postal Address:
Michigan State Police
Attn: Autoprint Unit
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909
Fax Number: 517-284-3171

Contact Information

 Jordan Weaver
HR Generalist
Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 3212

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: May I get fingerprints enrolled and not have a photograph taken for facial recognition?
Answer: Yes, as long as the Live Scan Agency is authorized to capture fingerprints for the VIP reason code.

Question: May I get a photograph enrolled for facial recognition and not have fingerprints captured?
Answer: No, fingerprints are required to enroll.

Question: Will I get notified that the fingerprints were successfully enrolled?
Answer: Yes, notification will be sent to the contact e-mail that is provided on the form, make sure that this is entered correctly by the Live Scan Agency. Pay attention to things like O (ohs) and 0 (zeros).

Question: May I request prints to be deleted if I no longer want them on file?
Answer: Yes, but only the prints that are taken for this reason code.

Question: Is this information stored at a Federal Level?
Answer: Currently federal laws do not allow these to be stored at a federal level. Efforts are being made to get these laws changed so they may be maintained nationwide.

Question: Can contact information, such as residence or contact’s phone number be updated? 
Answer: Yes, but you should retain your confirmation email, as information from that e-mail may be needed to confirm that changes are being made by an authorized person. You may contact MSP at 517-284-3168 to make these changes.

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