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Our Manufacturing courses include career preparation in areas such as machine tool, welding, brazing and soldering, and woodworking.

Machine Tool students will be introduced to print reading, measuring & layout, safe machine operation, milling, turning, and CNC operation.  They will also learn about the manufacturing process.

Welding students will be able to perform safety inspections of thermal cutting and welding equipment and complete general preventative maintenance, read & interpret basic welding symbols & drawings to fabricate parts to blueprint specifications, examine joint preparation and welds, set up and operate SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, and GTAW equipment, and set up and operate manual oxyfuel, mechanized oxyfuel, PAC and CAC-A equipment to perform general cutting operations.

Woodworking students will gain an understanding of machine and power tool safety, be able to identify hand and power tools, demonstrate knowledge of fasteners, adhesives, and clamps used in the fields of construction and cabinetmaking, demonstrate knowledge of basic measurement, identify different types of lumber, understand proper sanding techniques and their purposes, demonstrate how to layout, countersink, and drill using the appropriate tools, and will complete a hands-on project.


Parent / student testimonial can go here about their experience.  Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor.
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