District Provided Professional Development (DPPD)

District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) hours can now be used to renew or advance the following certificates or licenses:

  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Occupational Education Certificate
  • School Administrator Certificate
  • School Counselor License
  • School Psychologist Certificate
  • Progressing from a PROVISIONAL to a PROFESSIONAL Certificate (However, those holding provisional certificates cannot renew their provisional certificate using SCECHs)

Due to a recent reinterpretation of MCL 380.1527, the Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) has determined that the license or certificate is no longer relevant to the use of DPPD for certificate progression or renewal, however, as with all DPPD, the following conditions must be met and verified for the professional development to count as DPPD:

(a) The DPPD is appropriate to the grade level/s and endorsement area/s for which the educator is certified;
(b) The school agrees to submit to all auditing and documentation requirements established by OPPS.

OPPS Does not determine whether an educator's professional development may count as DPPD; the employing school district provides verification that it meets the criteria.; For this reason, before an educator uses the professional development for certificate/license progression or renewal, the employing school administrator/administration must have followed the steps indicated on the District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) Record for Certificate Renewal or Progression to a Professional Education Certificate.

Educators and districts may also find the following documents helpful:

Questions may be directed to the OPPS technical support staff at 517-373-3310 or MOECSsupport@michigan.gov.


  1. Enter each program, including category and hours of training into the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) account under the "ADD DPPD" tab.
  2. MOECS will not allow more than eight (8) hours to be entered for a single calendar date.  Each calendar date should be listed separately.  DPPD hours should not include travel time or lunch breaks.
  3. Print the list of DPPD hours added to your MOECS account at the end of the school year.
  4. Complete your section of the District Provided Professional Development Instructions form and have your Principal/District Designee for required verification and signature (one list per school year). This form will change periodically so be sure you download the most current.
  5. Keep signed form for records and audit by the Michigan Department of Education, if requested.
  6. If, for any reason, the Principal/District Designee will NOT sign the form to verify any hours, delete them from your MOECS account.


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