Board Policy on Procurement and Reimbursement

Board Policy on Procurement of Supplies, Materials and Equipment

Article VI: Finances (Section 1: Fiscal Management)

The Board holds a position of public trust and accountability requiring it to be a good steward of funds received by the District, and to manage and operate the District in an efficient and effective manner.  The District shall comply with all applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations relative to the fiscal management of the District, including, but not limited to, the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, MCL §141.421, et seq.

The Superintendent shall develop financial processes, procedures and internal controls to ensure the proper accounting of all District funds received and expended by the District in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable law.  The Superintendent shall ensure that the Board receives in a timely manner monthly financial statements and reports, quarterly reports, and any other financial reports necessary or requested by the Board.

Article VI: Finances (Section 5: General Purchasing)

In order to maintain effective control over the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment for the District, the purchase of all supplies, materials and equipment shall comply with all applicable Board policies, as well as all applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations. 

It is the general policy of the Board that the purchase of all supplies, materials and equipment be at the lowest possible cost in the best interest of the District and all purchases must be within budget allocations.  All procurement processes should use good administrative practices and judgement and free of any real or apparent conflict of interest.  All procurements are to be conducted in a manner which provides open competition as required by law.  The lowest responsible bidder shall generally be awarded the contract; however, the Board reserves the right to accept any bid/proposal that it feels is in the best interest of the District.
If the reasonably anticipated purchase price for the supplies, materials or equipment exceeds the State of Michigan competitive bidding threshold, as adjusted annually, a procurement process with competitive bids/proposals is required.  However, competitive bids/proposals are not required for the purchasing of food unless the food purchased in a single transaction costs $100,000 or more. Board approval is required for purchases over the State of Michigan competitive bidding threshold, as adjusted annually.
Purchases made using competitive bids provided through the State of Michigan programs, other consortiums, or cooperative bids shall satisfy the requirements of this Policy, unless applicable State or Federal law requires otherwise.
The Board reserves the right to: i) accept or reject any and all bids/proposals, in whole or in part; ii) waive any informalities or irregularities in the procurement process or a bid/proposal; iii) award the contract to other than the lowest bidder.

Board Policy to Establish Reimbursable Expense Categories

Article I: Bylaws (Section 7: Compensation and Reimbursement)

Board members shall receive (choose one)

____ no compensation
____ compensation of ____ per annum
__X_ compensation of __$30__ per Board meeting up to a total of 52 meetings (including Committee meetings).
____compensation of _____________ (specify). 

Board members shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their official duties.  Board members will not be reimbursed for entertainment expenses, or for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.  The Board will ordinarily not approve expenditures of District funds for members to attend meetings outside Michigan, and any such attendance must first be approved in advance by the Board.  The Board may establish policies for the reimbursement of expenses of Board members.
Reimbursement for staff is guided by the district's Administrative Guidelines.
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