Article VIII Community Relations


Section 1.        Information Generally.

The Board recognizes and affirms the right of citizens to be regularly informed and to be able to obtain information about the objectives, conditions and achievements of the District. 

Section 2.        Freedom of Information Act.

In accordance with Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), MCL §15.231, et seq., the District will make public records, as defined in FOIA, available for inspection or copying.  The Director of Human Resources is designated as the District’s FOIA Coordinator.  The Coordinator may designate another individual to act on his or her behalf when the Coordinator is unable to do so.  The Superintendent will issue procedures and guidelines necessary to implement the Act, including a schedule of costs to be charged in responding to FOIA requests, and shall publish those procedures and guidelines as required by FOIA.   

Section 3.        Community Input.   

The Board welcomes input from community members at Board meetings or at other appropriate times.  The Board believes that community involvement in the affairs of the District is essential and valuable, and will endeavor to provide reliable and efficient ways to permit public input into the decision-making process.

Section 4.        Complaints.   

The Superintendent shall issue administrative guidelines identifying procedures for investigating and responding to complaints by members of the public against the District or specific District staff members.  A complaint concerning the Superintendent may be made to the Board President.

Section 5.        Gifts, Grants, Bequests and Donations.     

The District appreciates receiving gifts, grants, bequests or donations from members of the public, decedents’ estates, or corporate entities, as a reflection of public interest in and good will toward the District.  The Superintendent is authorized to accept gifts that 1) are appropriate for District use; 2) are free of any restrictions that are contrary to law or inconsistent with Board policy; 3) contain no commercial advertising; and 4) do not require excessive costs to install, maintain or utilize, or a large commitment of District resources.  Income derived from gifts and bequests will be credited, if possible, to the fund designated or requested by the donor.  If the request of the donor cannot be fulfilled, the gift or bequest will be deposited in any other fund specified by the Board.

Section 6.        Use of District Facilities.  

The Board may permit the reasonable use of its buildings and grounds by responsible community groups, provided that such use does not interfere with the daily school routine or any school-sponsored activity, or unduly jeopardize the condition of District facilities.  Rental or use of District facilities may take place only if approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee.  The Superintendent shall issue administrative guidelines governing the use or rental of District facilities.

Section 7.        School Visitors.

The District encourages visits to school by parents, other adult community residents, or other educators, so long as those visits do not disrupt or otherwise interfere with the educational process.  Any such visit shall be arranged in advance with the building administration.  The Superintendent and the building principal or designee have the authority to prohibit entry to a school building of any person, or to expel any person, if there is reason to believe that such person’s presence would be detrimental to the educational process or the good order of the school.  The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines specifying the procedures that permit reasonable attendance by visitors but that protect the educational environment.

Section 8.        District Support Organizations.     

A District Support Organization is a non-profit entity formed and operating for the purpose of supporting District programs.  The District’s name shall not be used by a District Support Organization without the approval of the Superintendent. 

Section 9.        Advertising; Distribution or Posting of Information.   

Advertising for or against a political candidate or campaign is not permitted on District property.  Advertising of religious services or religious-related activities is not permitted on District property.  Commercial advertising is not permitted on District property without the written consent of the Superintendent.  Distribution or posting of information by outside organizations is permitted only with the prior review and authorization of the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall issue and enforce regulations governing commercial advertising and distribution or posting of information on District property.  

Section 10.      Volunteers.    

The Board recognizes and appreciates the value of volunteers.  The Superintendent or designees, including building administrators, are responsible for recruiting volunteers, reviewing their capabilities, and placing volunteers.  Any volunteer who will work with or have access to students on a regular basis shall be pre-screened using the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) or similar database.  District administrators shall not be required to accept a volunteer whose history or skills are not in accord with District standards and needs.  The Superintendent shall issue and enforce guidelines governing use of volunteers.  

Section 11.      High School Diplomas to Qualified Military Veterans. 

The Board honors the service provided to our country by veterans of World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Era.  The Board is honored to issue high school diplomas to veterans who began their service without completing high school, and who comply with the provisions of MCL §35.341.  The Superintendent is authorized to accept applications and documentation from such veterans, and shall make recommendations to the Board as to whether the veterans should be awarded their diplomas.

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