Article II Administration


Section 1.        The Superintendent.

The Board will at all times employ a Superintendent of Schools, in accordance with state law.  The employment shall be evidenced by a written contract, with a term of not more than five years. 

The Superintendent is the Chief Executive Officer of the District and the primary advisor to the Board. 

The Superintendent shall identify such subordinate administrative positions, such as Assistant or Deputy Superintendent(s) and Director(s), Principals and Assistant Principals, as necessary to administer the District, and shall recommend to the Board the establishment of such positions and candidates to fill such positions. 

Section 2.        Duties of the Superintendent.

The Superintendent is responsible to carry out the policies of the District as expressed in Board Policies.  The Superintendent shall develop and implement Administrative Guidelines to give operational effect to Board Policies.  Administrative Guidelines are to be consistent with the Board’s Policies.   

In a situation in which action must be taken to maintain the orderly operation of the schools, and no Board Policy governs the situation, the Superintendent is authorized to take appropriate action.  The Superintendent shall thereafter report the situation and the action taken to the Board, and shall advise the Board whether a formal policy should be adopted.

References to the “Superintendent” in these policies or the Board’s bylaws shall be understood to include the Superintendent’s designee, unless the policies or their context clearly indicate otherwise.

The Board shall annually review and evaluate the Superintendent’s performance and success in meeting the goals established by the Board.    

Section 3.        Non-renewal or Termination of the Superintendent.

If the services of the Superintendent are found to be unsatisfactory to the Board, the Superintendent shall be so notified by the Board President and given a reasonable amount of time to provide satisfactory services.  If the Superintendent’s services continue to be unsatisfactory, the Superintendent should be notified that his or her contract will be non-renewed, in accordance with applicable law (currently ninety (90) days before the expiration of the contract).  The contract of the Superintendent may be terminated during its term in accordance with the provisions of the contract and Michigan law.

Section 4.        Incapacity of the Superintendent.

If the Superintendent becomes incapacitated to the extent that he or she is unable to perform the duties of the office, the Board shall appoint an Acting Superintendent, who will serve until the Superintendent’s incapacity is removed or until the expiration of the Superintendent’s contract, whichever first occurs.  The Superintendent may voluntarily indicate that he or she has become  incapacitated.  Alternatively, the Board may determine the Superintendent to be incapacitated upon the certification of a physician chosen and compensated by the Board, and may compel the Superintendent to undergo an examination by the physician so chosen.  Pending or upon a finding that the Superintendent is incapacitated, the Board may employ an interim superintendent.  Upon request to the Board, the incapacitated Superintendent may resume his or her duties, unless the request is denied by the Board.  The Board may require the Superintendent to demonstrate to its satisfaction that he or she is able to resume the duties of Superintendent. 

Section 5.        Evaluation of Administrators and Teachers.

The Superintendent shall create evaluation protocols for all administrators and teachers that comply with state law, and  shall ensure that evaluations are carried out in the manner prescribed by state law. 

Section 6.        Non-renewal or Termination of Other District Administrators. 

State law prescribes the manner in which the contracts of administrators below the level of Superintendent may be non-renewed.  The Superintendent shall advise the Board of the advisability of non-renewing a District administrator, and shall work with the Board to ensure that any such non-renewal takes place in a timely manner and consistent with state law.

Section 7.        Councils, Cabinets and Committees.

The Superintendent is authorized to establish and appoint the members of permanent or temporary councils, cabinets or committees deemed necessary or advisable for the proper administration of Board policies and the conduct of District business.

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