Transition Planning 

Transition Planning is the process in which students with disabilities develop a plan which will help them adjust to their next step in life. During the transition planning process, it is important to keep in mind that students with disabilities have different levels of impairment and capabilities; requiring the plan to be flexible to meet a variety of needs. It is also important to be aware of available resources and services that will help develop an individual’s transition plan.

What are the Four Areas of Transition?

When Does Transition Planning Begin?

Who Participates in Transition Planning?

What Does Transition Planning Include?  


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Transition Ahead

Important dates


Off to College Seminars 

Off To College Planning Committee    



Supervisor of Ancillary Services & Programs: Craig Blasko
Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 1357
Fax: 269-471-0314

Transition Secretary:

Susan Roth


Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 1140

Fax 269-471-0314

Transition Coordinator: 
Sandy Asmus
Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 1348
Fax: 269-471-0314

Transition Coordinator:
Cathy Klaer
Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 1247
Fax: 269-471-0314

Transition Coordinator:
Craig Kuhn
Tel: 269-471-7725 ext. 1184       Fax: 269-471-0314



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