CHAMPs reflects the "categories" or "types" of expectations that you have for students in your classroom during activity and/or transition.  These icons can help provide visuals in the teaching of your expectations.

Conversation (Can students talk to each other during this activity/transition?)
Help (How can students get questions answered during this activity/ transition? How do they get your attention?)
Activity (What is the task/objective of this activity/transition? What is the expected end product?)
Movement (Can students move about during this activity/transition?  e.g., Are they allowed to get up to sharpen a pencil?)
Participation (What does appropriate student behavior for this activity/transition look/sound like?  How do students show that they are fully participating?

The following are CHAMPs icons discussed in our new teacher academy.
(click on icon and print)

art clean up group instruction

gym independent work library

line up lunch music

recess science lab sharing  

no asking for help no getting out of seat partners raise hands raise hand

get supplies ask_for_help eyes on speaker work on assignment

signal for help voice level 0 voice level 1 voice level 2

voice level 3 voice level 4

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