The mission of Blossomland Learning Center is to provide positive learning environments and experiences that advance the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of our students.


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Blossomland Learning Center

Blossomland Learning Center, located in Berrien Springs, provides comprehensive programs and therapeutic services for students with severe multiple impairments and students with moderate to severe cognitive impairments, ages 3 to 26.

Through a functional curriculum that emphasizes skills, competencies, and orientations that are required for living in a supervised setting, Blossomland Learning Center operates as a separate special education program and serves those students who, as determined by their individualized education plans, require placement in a facility outside of the traditional school setting.

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Principal: Tina Lawson
Tel: 269-473-2600 ext.1206
Fax: 269-471-9788

Asst. Principal: Sally Brueck
Tel: 269-473-2600 ext. 1205
Fax: 269-471-9788



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